Interested in working for a Big City Health Department? Apply to join a dynamic public health workforce and make your mark in improving the health and lives of millions. 

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Big Cities Health Coalition Opportunities

Graduate Student Fall Internship

The Big Cities Health Coalition (BCHC) has an opening for a graduate level intern. 

This internship is a great opportunity for masters students who are interested in public health practice and policy in large, urban public health departments around the country. It’s also a chance to work on some of the most pressing public health issues facing cities today.

Please click HERE to apply.

Under the direction of the BCHC Deputy Director, the internship will provide a unique opportunity for students to obtain work experience to be competitive for future positions in public health, public policy, or related fields. Applicants should have experience or interest in governmental public health and/or cities and an interest in learning about how a non-profit organization organizes and implements advocacy/policy activities to further its mission.

The intern will be primarily responsible for supporting Big Cities Health Coalition staff on a number of projects. Work duties may include but are not limited to: conducting Internet research; taking notes on monthly calls and/or on webinars or at sessions relevant to BCHC priorities; synthesizing and summarizing research and/or notes from events into short, digestible format for BCHC staff and membership; reviewing, editing, and proofreading written materials; identifying and posting relevant web-based resources; summarizing and developing information for internal and external dissemination (e.g. BCHC publications, electronic newsletters, and websites); drafting messages for internal/external stakeholders; coordinating logistics of monthly calls, webinars, Congressional briefings, and other events; and supporting all aspects of BCHC project portfolio as needed. Funding is not currently available for a stipend, but NACCHO will work to facilitate academic credit where appropriate/possible.

The intern must be currently enrolled as a graduate level student in an accredited college or university with a graduate study focus on public health, public policy, or related field. Undergraduate applicants will be considered based on experience, but a preference will be given to graduate students. 


Other Opportunities

City and County of San Francisco

Director of Public Health

The City and County of San Francisco is seeking a Director of Public Health to plan, organize, and direct all functions and activities for the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH), including hospitals, preventative health services, emergency medical services, community mental health, jail health services, forensic services, substance use, environmental health, and other population health functions. The Director is responsible for management of a $2.2 billion budget, 8,000+ employees, as well as administration of $400 million in health services contracts.  Additionally, the Director of Public Health directs the enforcement of all public health laws, ordinances and regulations; oversees budget preparation for approval by the Commission.  The Director of Public Health leads multiple key priorities which include: reducing Hepatitis A, B and C infection rates, addressing the many layers of mental health issues, and promoting overall public health. For more details and to apply please click HERE.

Maricopa County

Director of Public Health

Maricopa County is looking for a Director of Public Health who has proven themselves to be successful in building collaborative partnerships while directing population-based medicine and programming involving communicable diseases, chronic disease prevention, health policy, the maintenance of vital statistics, public health education and the delivery and dispensing of public health services mandated by state statutes and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to the citizens of Maricopa County. More information and details about application HERE.

Baltimore City Health Department

Commissioner of Health

The City of Baltimore seeks a Commissioner of Health to oversee the Baltimore City Health Department. The department is the oldest in the country, has around 1,000 employees and an annual budget of $130 million. It aims to protect health, eliminate disparities, and ensure the well-being of every resident of Baltimore through education, advocacy, and direct service delivery. The candidate must have a medical degree and be a resident of Baltimore. Full description and application details HERE.

University of California San Francisco Preterm Birth Initiative

Postdoctoral Fellowship

The University of California San Francisco Preterm Birth Initiative is offering a two-year, non-accredited trans-disciplinary postdoctoral fellowship focused on prematurity. Postdoctoral scholars from a variety of disciplines come together to acquire the skills necessary to conduct powerful, collaborative research that is place-based, stakeholder- engaged, relevant and likely to have an impact on a critical health epidemic affecting millions of families across the world. The fellowship is open to US and non-US citizens. Fellows cannot hold concurrent active faculty positions. For more details and to apply by September 15, 2018, please click HERE.

Boston Public Health Commission

Informatics Director

The Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC) is seeking an Informatics Director in their Research and Evaluation Office.  The Informatics Director will provide strategic guidance to BPHC, 
evaluate necessary changes in existing information resources, represent BPHC on national coalitions and workgroups to identify and inform best practices, oversee informatics activities, including development of use cases, business cases, and workflow analyses, oversee and evaluate the adoption of automated systems to accommodate complex needs, strengthen and develop partnerships and collaborations with external organizations and review, assess, and make recommendations for policy and practices relating to standards, interoperability, and data use and exchange for improving population health with data. 

For a full description and to apply, please click HERE and search for position 713.

Chicago Department of Public Health

Medical Director, HIV/STI Bureau

Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) is seeking a medical director for it's HIV/STI bureau. This position is a leadership position that will provide medical and epidemiologic guidance to HIV/STI disease surveillance and prevention program activities and will provide operational leadership and clinical guidance for the STI clinics (3 sites). In 2017, CDPH announced our “Getting to Zero” plan which establishes a goal of reducing new HIV diagnoses to functional zero by 2027. Achieving this goal will not be easy but CDPH’s team and partners are determined. CDPH seeks an energetic, passionate and knowledgeable medical director to support implementation of this plan and many other priority initiatives.

Interested individuals can apply HERE.

Columbus Public Health Department

Public Health Physician

The Columbus Public Health Department is seeking a Public Health Physician who will serve as the  as the medical director/provider for the TB program and other clinical programs.  Under general direction, this position is responsible for providing diagnosis, consultation and medical treatment to patients and/or coordinating, managing, or providing consultation and advice to specialized medical programs in the Columbus Public Health Department. This position also will be involved in medical oversight of public health responses like infectious disease investigations and outbreaks to protect the public’s health. Interested candidates are advised to send a resume/CV and cover letter to Alisha Ardolino. Contact Health Commissioner, Dr. Mysheika Roberts at 614-645-5489 or MWRoberts@columbus.gov with questions.